Elden Ring: Caelid Great-Jar Description, Quest Guide and Loot

Elden Ring: Caelid Great-Jar Description, Quest Guide and Loot

Elden Ring: Caelid Great-Jar Description, Quest Guide and Loot

Elden Ring: Caelid Great-Jar Description, Quest Guide and Loot

Living Jars in the Lands In Between are unusual, but the most interesting of them all is found in the southeast. 

Everything you need to know about Elden Ring's Great-Jar NPC in Caelid is here!

Hidetaka Miyazaki's mind has spawned some crooked creations over the years, but Elden Ring's Living Jars are definitely one of the weirdest.

Conscious vessels, complete with arms and legs, and the ability to speak… Creepy, especially after learning how they sustain themselves, as Alexander explained after the epic Starscourge Radahn fight.

However, there is a Living Jar that is a little more surprising than the others. Rising above the others, he is the embodiment of the expression "strong, quiet type", so we are here to tell you what happened with the Great Jar of Caelid.

Where is the Big Jar?

The Great Jar is located on a hill in North Caelid, at the end of a narrow path guarded by some Golem Archers. Once you get close, you can't miss it.

However, it is quite difficult to reach it, as its area can only be accessed from another, or even narrower, valley. The best starting point is the Deep Siofra Well of Grace Site, which you'll likely access as you progress through Ranni's questline .

Head north, past Anomalous Rock Clusters and Golem Archers. You can remove them if you want, but be aware that they respawn. By the time you get to the Big Jar, they'll stop shooting at you anyway.

After passing the golems, you will encounter the aforementioned Living Jar. It makes archers look small…

Elden Ring: Caelid Great-Jar Description, Quest Guide and Loot

The Knowledge of the Great Jar

Not much is currently known about the Big Jar, but there are some details that can be drawn from what we know.

First of all, location is important. He stands guard with his arms folded in front of Caelid's coliseum. At first inspection of the fields, you might think they are holding you back from entering the arena, but that is not the case.

Despite this, the Great Jar is an openly respected, perhaps feared warrior, as he remains silent when spoken to but activates 3 summons: Humanoid 'Great Jar Knights' fighting on his behalf.

Maybe he's looking for a worthy champion… or a challenger?

Big Jar Quest

The questlines in Elden Ring will take you through miles of dangerous terrain, but this one is very different. In fact, the Big Jar's questline isn't nearly all that, although it does give you some great loot in the end.

Simply put, the entire quest of the Great Jar revolves around 3 NPC summons that are created after interacting with the Jar. Each of them must be killed, but there are several catches:

1: Most importantly, each summoned NPC must be killed repeatedly. You are not allowed to respawn or rest on a Grace Site otherwise all 3 enemies will be reset. They don't respawn after they've all been killed in a row. Make sure to find every Golden Seed to maximize your Flask uses!

2: Second, these NPCs are randomly generated. This means they will be different every time you try. If you're struggling, don't give up. Your next run might put you against a Wretch!

Another interesting deviation from the usual boss fight format here is that each Knight takes on the look and equipment of a real player's character! Expect to battle numerous bleed-based builds!

Being offline can spawn NPC enemies more easily.

3: Finally, there is a way to make life a little easier for yourself. These NPCs can be a real challenge, mostly due to their inability to rest between battles. However, their level is proportional to yours, so addressing them earlier in the game will reduce the difficulty!

Kill all 3 of them (this each gives you Furlcalling Fingers, by the way) and return to the Jar. It will remain silent, but will reward you with the Great Jar's Arsenal Talisman! This item increases your max weight load by 19%.

What's Next for the Big Jar?

Once you complete the quest, your first instinct may be to dive inside the colosseum. Well, prepare to be disappointed as the doors remain closed with no opening whatsoever!

This begs the question: Why is the Colosseum there? Especially since it's guarded by such an intriguing NPC!

One theory is that this area is being saved for DLC. This assumption gains traction when you realize that other areas also have inaccessible colosseums.

In fact, an unused colosseum asset was discovered in Elden Ring, prompting players to consider the possibility of a PvP-focused DLC set in these huge arenas.

The presence of the Great Jar and its real-world calling only adds to the credibility of this theory. Maybe Caelid's colosseum could become a multiplayer PvP hub?

It's also plausible that if these arenas are to be used, they could house AI boss enemies as part of a DLC that throws you into increasingly difficult enemies, Gladiator-style. This is the kind of questline used by every open world franchise, from The Elder Scrolls to Assassin's Creed.

The worst-case scenario here is that FromSoftware could eventually take a misstep and cut content from those areas that would never have been developed.



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Elden Ring: Caelid Great-Jar Description, Quest Guide and Loot
Elden Ring: Caelid Great-Jar Description, Quest Guide and Loot
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